Welcome Message from the Organising Chairman

Vice President of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine Assos. Prof. ERDENEBAYR namjil. MD, Ph.D

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of XV Annual Congress of Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine, I am honored and delighted to welcome everyone to the beautiful land of Blue Sky, Mongolia!

National Center for Transfusion Medicine of Mongolia, along with the Ministry of Health Mongolia, is organizing the congress which will be held at Corporate Hotel and Convention Center, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on September 11-13, 2019. We will discuss about the current state and the future trends of blood transfusion in international and in AATM member countries. The theme is “Future is now: A Fascinating Era for Transfusion Medicine.”      

We are expecting that the congress will provide a great opportunity not only for AATM faculty and members, but also transfusion medicine experts, facilitators, teachers, researchers and amateurs to share their experiences and information with each other.

In Mongolia, Blood Transfusion Service was first established in 1963 and has expanded to NCTM in 2007 which is operating under the direct management of Ministry of Health Mongolia. NCTM is a specialized nationwide center to recruit blood donors, to make analysis and produce blood and blood products, to provide blood transfusion support, diagnostic and treatment guidelines, standards and methodological recommendations, to train and retrain blood transfusion specialists, and to conduct researches. The center is providing professional methodology for 26 local blood centers throughout the country.  



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