Important Notes for Exhibition Stalls & other Privileges:

1. Exhibition stalls shall be utilized by the sponsor for demonstration or exhibition of their commercial products or any other information relevant to the Transfusion Technology

2. Exhibition stalls are available in 3 X 2 meter sizes or in multiplication of that size.

3. Minimum of a table, two chairs, two electrical plug points of 5 & 15 amps, one table fan (if required) will be provided.

4. If anything needed extra for decoration or other purposes, exhibitors may get it with payment from contractors.

5. One scientific session will be dedicated in the name of one Platinum Sponsor which will be of about 90 min. One lecture will be given to a speaker (from Bangladesh, India or abroad) designated by Platinum Sponsor in the same session. This lecture should fit with the theme of that session. Other lectures of the session will be decided by the Scientific Committee without brining conflicting interest to the whole session. However, no travelling or other expenses of the speaker will be taken care by the Scientific Committee. Eligible sponsor would be the sole agent to demonstrate or exhibit posters, banners or similar informative materials with their trade marks for the selected scientific session. Distribution of leaflets, souvenirs or similar items to the participants would be allowed for the sponsor.

6. The advertising space (complementary colour Ad) for Platinum and other sponsor in souvenir will be decided in first cum first basis.

7. Complementary Ad for Platinum and other sponsors in AATM website will be in the advertisement section and it will be for 12 calendar months, or as specified. For Diamond and Gold sponsor, website Ad may be in any page and duration will be as mentioned above.

8. Complementary Ad in AATM E News Letter will be in any page of the issue and duration will be as mentioned above.

9. Each Standee will be about 1.5 X 0.5 meter in size. It will be prepared by respective corporate and place will be decided by I/C of the exhibition area.